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Deltin Jaqk casino

Deltin Jaqk casino Offshore casino in Panaji,Goa Games available Roulette Blackjack Poker Teen Patti Baccarat Open 24X7 Fisheries Jetty, D.B. Road, Panaji, Goa Kindly note that the shameless lazy greedy goan gsb frauds housewife lead thief riddhi, fraud diploma holder slut siddhi mandrekar, obc slut slim bsc sunaina who offers SEX BRIBES to these shameless […]

Major bribery and extortion racket in Goa

Though the Louis berger case made headlines in Goa, there is no action being taken in a major bribery and extortion racket in goa in which allegedly google,tata, paypal and other companies have bribed fraud top intelligence agency officials in NTRO, R&AW, CBI to falsely claim that lazy greedy goan gsb frauds riddhi, fraud diploma […]

M88 gambling

People gamble for a variety of reasons like making quick money and also for entertainment. There are many websites for people interested in Gambling like m88 , which is the one of the most popular gambling websites in Asia

Casino Pride facilities and offers

Casino Pride offers and facilities Every day Lucky draw Win upto Rs 2 lakh One time play coupon All domestic and international games Women’s gala time (free play coupon) Live entertainment National and international cuisine Facilities for kids – caretaker and kid’s activities Due to a vicious slander campaign, the real domain investor is forced […]

Casino Pride group

Casino Pride is one of the largest casino owners in Goa. The casinos which they manage and own in Goa are Casino Pride, Panaji Casino Pride 2, Panaji Casino Paradise, Porvorim, Goa Casino Palms, Baga, Goa Casino Pride, Bogmalo, Goa The casinos in Panaji are floating casinos on the River Mandovi All the casinos are […]

International internet Gambling trends online

Though gambling is banned in many parts of the world, it remains extremely popular, with some companies having turnover of billions of dollars. In states with limited revenues like Goa, the casinos are a major source of revenues for the local government, attracting tourists from all over the world. The casinos are in the news […]