Monthly Archives: April 2016

Bet365 gambling

Bet365 covers the following Sports Betting Premier league and Champions league football odds ATP and WTA tennis Casino – more than 250 games to play with live dealers Bingo – number of bingo rooms, slot games Poker – non stop poker games with thousands of players Games – ranging from slots to scratchcards, including Pharaoh’s […]

Goa’s sex, cheating casinos

Though the media covers the offshore and onshore casinos in Goa extensively, no goan media outlet has covered the world famous sex casinos of Goa which make mediocre inexperienced lazy greedy young women rich and powerful. The entry fee at the goa sex casinos is sleeping with/having SEX with powerful ntro, raw , cbi, security […]

Stolen samsung smartphone used for impersonation fraud, allegedly getting R&AW job

Samsung galaxy grand phone stolen while kept for charging at Regus Thane, and used for impersonation fraud, with the thief allegedly getting a lucrative R&AW job for making fake claims of owning the expensive samsung smartphone, having the resume, investment of the real samsung mobile phone buyer . The real buyer of the samsung smartphone […]