Monthly Archives: June 2016

Crown Casino in Panaji, Goa

While the goan media and newspapers are covering the 5 offshore casinos of the casino pride and deltin group anchored in the river Mandovi extensively, the onshore casinos which are located usually in hotels, get relatively less publicity. The offshore casinos also advertise extensively in local newspapers, on television. However in Panaji, at Patto, Crown […]

Another casino related murder in Panaji, Goa

Panaji,the capital of Goa is a small and peaceful town, and usually no murders are reported in a year. However in the last few years the number of gambling and casino related murders appear to be increasing. In April 2015, a T20 bookie Lakhpat Jain was found dead in the posh area of Altinho in […]

Defending investment in casinos

Casinos are extremely controversial in Goa, getting a lot of media coverage about how it negatively influences people in Goa (ignoring the fact that satta matka in Goa is far more rampant compared to any other part of India, especially metro cities). However in a relatively small state like Goa, where there are few opportunities, […]

Deltin Caravela – new offshore casino in Goa

In addition to the existing 4 offshore casinos in the river Mandovi, there is another new casino anchored in the river Mandovi near the capital Panaji. Though a large number of people are protesting against the casinos in Goa, it appears that the casinos are extremely profitable with tables sold from Rs 5 lakh according […]