Deltin Caravela – new offshore casino in Goa

In addition to the existing 4 offshore casinos in the river Mandovi, there is another new casino anchored in the river Mandovi near the capital Panaji. Though a large number of people are protesting against the casinos in Goa, it appears that the casinos are extremely profitable with tables sold from Rs 5 lakh according to newspaper reports.
Deltin group already had two offshore casinos in the Mandovi, Deltin Royale and Deltin Jaqk, and now they took offer the Caravela casino and refurbished it , renaming it Deltin Caravela.Earlier the Deltin Caravela casino was to be anchored near the Britona side of the river Mandovi. However, the local politicians and MLAs started protesting against the casino, saying that it was located close to the local church and temple.
Hence a decision was taken to anchor Deltin Caravela near the Charao side of the river Mandovi to avoid controversy according to media reports.

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