Another casino related murder in Panaji, Goa

Panaji,the capital of Goa is a small and peaceful town, and usually no murders are reported in a year. However in the last few years the number of gambling and casino related murders appear to be increasing. In April 2015, a T20 bookie Lakhpat Jain was found dead in the posh area of Altinho in Panaji and he had visited a casino just before he died.
Now on June 20, 2016, the media reported that another visitor from Delhi, 60 year old, Virender Kumar, was found dead in Hotel Sapna, Patto, Panaji, allegedly killed with a glass bottle by 4 young men who came with him. Like the T20 bookie, Lakhpat Jain, it appeared that Virender Kumar had visited a casino, and tickets for Casino Pride 2 were found along with an ATM slip. All his other belongings like wallet, ATM card, mobile phone were missing.
Why are people from outside Goa, visiting casinos and are then found dead in Panaji, Goa? Are the casinos linked to their death? Only time will tell.

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