Defending investment in casinos

Casinos are extremely controversial in Goa, getting a lot of media coverage about how it negatively influences people in Goa (ignoring the fact that satta matka in Goa is far more rampant compared to any other part of India, especially metro cities). However in a relatively small state like Goa, where there are few opportunities, the government welcomes any kind of investment and has been trying very hard to get investment in the state.
So the chief minister of Goa defended the casinos in Goa, including the latest Deltin Caravela saying that the government had tried very hard to get investment to the state and if they created problems, the wrong message would go to the investors who are interested in investing the state, that the government does not help investors in the state.
When investors in casinos have their rights protected, why do domain investors not have the right to their investment.

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