Crown Casino in Panaji, Goa

While the goan media and newspapers are covering the 5 offshore casinos of the casino pride and deltin group anchored in the river Mandovi extensively, the onshore casinos which are located usually in hotels, get relatively less publicity. The offshore casinos also advertise extensively in local newspapers, on television. However in Panaji, at Patto, Crown Casino has advertised its gambling/gaming facilities on a outdoor hoarding.
The Crown Casino is located behind the Old Secretariat, Panaji, Goa, close to the Mary Immaculate church, and is located in the Crown Goa, a 5 star hotel.
The casino has a large gaming area with live gaming and slots machines.
The casino is open from noon till 6 am

It appears that crown casino is a popular name for casinos, and doing a search for crown casino, crown casino at Melbourne, Perth, Australia and Sioux Falls will appear in the search results in google.

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