17 Casino licenses issued in Goa

According to media reports a total of 17 casino licenses were given by the goan government. However the casino licensing fee was increased and many of the casinos did not renew their license . So at present there are 9 active casinos in Goa mainly in and around Panaji, with 5 offshore casinos floating the river Mandovi and 4 onshore casinos, mainly associated with hotels.
The directorate of commercial taxes claims that they collect approximately Rs 160 crore as fees from the casinos. However it appears that the floating casinos are more popular with tourists and of the taxes collected Rs 110 crore are from the offshore casinos, and the remaining Rs 40-50 crore from the onshore casinos.
The taxes are associated with the entry ticket to the casino, earlier it was Rs 700 per person, and later the casino entry ticket was increased to Rs 1000 as the government tried to increase the licensing, tax revenues.
The casino tax revenues and also the state budget clearly indicates how small a state goa is, in metro cities, many companies will have an annual turnover/revenues of more than the state budget.

There are allegations that the the number of tickets sold for entry to the casinos, are not accurately counted leading to allegations of tax evasion.

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