Lucky seven casino vessel marooned at Miramar beach

Panaji continues to be the casino capital of india, with a large number of offshore and onshore casinos anchored in Mandovi river. Lucky seven casino owned by the former haryana home minister, Gopal Kanda was supposed to be the latest casino to be added to the fleet of casino vessels in Mandovi River.
However the lucky seven casino vessel got marooned at Miramar beach, due to some problem in the vessel. Though the owner used the best towing service available, three tug boats were not able to move the casino from Miramar beach in september 2017 as a large amount of water had entered the vessel.
Now the company hired for moving Lucky Seven is waiting till october when high tides will make moving the vessel easier.
Till then the Lucky Seven vessel continues to be a tourist attraction in Miramar, with people clicking selfies against the backdrop of the casino vessel.

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