Working online in India is likely playing on a rigged casino

working online in india is like playing in a rigged online casino, some players like the domain investor will never make any money at all, while others like goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan, riddhi nayak, nayanshree hathwar, veena, naina, siddhi, asmita patel will always make money at her expense without investing any money, without spending any time at all, because they offer great sex, are married or related to security agency employees or have bribed top raw, cbi,ntro, security agency employees

Till the rules at the rigged online government casino in India since 2010 are corrected, there is no point in investing more money online. It is observed that there are few indians joining digitalpoint in the last few years, because of the massive losses made , due to the rigged indian government online casino since online slavery is flourishing .

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