First deposit bonus

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First deposit bonus
Almost all the major casinos are offering a bonus to the gamblers after they make their first deposit at the casino. The casino will either offer a percentage bonus in which the bonus amount is a percentage of the initial deposit amount, like 50%, 100%, 200% or a match bonus where the casino will match the amount deposited by the new gambler. The terms and conditions for the first deposit bonus are specified by the casino online on their app, website and in their advertisements. There is usually a limit on the amount of deposit bonus which is offered for the first deposit, typically 100 or 200 GBP.

Like the no deposit bonus, there are may be some restrictions on the amount which is won using the first deposit bonus which are specified in the terms and conditions. While gamblers are allowed to withdraw the amount in their account, especially winnings to their bank account or other places, they are not allowed to withdraw the bonus amount to their bank account they can only use the bonus for gambling at the casino.

New gamblers should compare the first deposit bonus offered by the different casinos before choosing a particular casino for gambling to get the best deal possible.

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