Three casinos advertising on the front page of Sunday Times newspaper on January 10, 2021

While BigDaddy Casino is a major advertiser on Times of India, Goa edition since it restarted in November 2020, usually advertising on the front page, now the first page is usually covered with casino ads.
On the front page of Sunday Times on January 10, 2021 there were three major casino ads
– Majestic Pride casino , New year dances, new year chances
– Big Daddy casino, Make 2021 Iconic, open 24 X7
– Strike Casino by Big Daddy at Grand Hyatt, Arabian night of magic
Kindly note that ntro/raw/cbi employees especially slim goan bhandari fraud sunaina chodan are not associated with the website in any way, since they do not pay any expenses, do not do any computer work, yet make fake claims and get government salaries in a clear case of labor law violation, financial fraud

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