Three casinos advertising on the front page of Sunday Times newspaper on January 10, 2021

While BigDaddy Casino is a major advertiser on Times of India, Goa edition since it restarted in November 2020, usually advertising on the front page, now the first page is usually covered with casino ads.
On the front page of Sunday Times on January 10, 2021 there were three major casino ads
– Majestic Pride casino , New year dances, new year chances
– Big Daddy casino, Make 2021 Iconic, open 24 X7
– Strike Casino by Big Daddy at Grand Hyatt, Arabian night of magic
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Majestic pride casino new year model looks like goan bhandari R&AW employee CALL GIRL sunaina chodan

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SBI cards cannot be used for betting, gambling, online casinos

Mailer from SBI cards regarding betting, gambling, online casinos( reposted for information only)

We would like to inform you about an important Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulation with respect to the use of credit card for the following transactions:

Forex Trading
Purchase of Lottery Tickets
Call Back Services
Betting, Sweepstakes and Gambling Transactions
Banned Magazines

There are many forex trading merchants, casinos, hotels and websites that prominently advertise the above products and services and ask you to pay through your credit card for these services.
Under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA) and other applicable regulations, use of a credit card for purchasing items/ services above mentioned is strictly prohibited. RBI regulations mandate that in the event of any non-compliance of this guideline, the cardholder (including the Add-on cardholder) will be held liable and the cardholder may be debarred from holding the card.

Majestic group renames its casinos Majestic Pride, Majestic paradise

Casino renamed as Majestic Pride
The casinos in Panaji were allowed to start from November 1, 2020
Casino Pride 2 was renamed as Majestic Pride according to the front page advertisement in Times of India
It is part of the Majestic Group of Hotels and casinos
The other casino in the group is Majestic Paradise casino

Address: Majestic Pride Jetty, River Mandovi, Panaji

Please note that this listing is free for information only

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Tourists from all over India flock to casinos after they reopen

The casinos in goa reopened from November 1,2020 and tourists from all over India have been crowding the casinos
The newspapers showed photos of large crowds of people waiting outside the casino entrance in Panaji, disregarding all social distancing norms
This also cause traffic jams on the main D.B marg
Though some of the casino staff tested Covid positive, it did not affect the gamblers flocking to the casinos
Casinos are a major tourist attraction in Goa, and also are a good source of revenue for the government

Casinos in Goa open on November 1

Casinos in Goa open on November 1
The goa government announched that Casinos in Goa open on November 1
the casinos will function with only 50% capacity
Since the number of visitors to goa, is less the casinos should not face any major problem keeping the capacity less
Many tourists are visiting goa mainly for the casinos, especially offshore casinos.

Laptops and mobile phones used extensively for IPL betting in Goa


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Since the Goa government has removed all restrictions for entry to the state, Goa has become a hub for IPL betting. Bookies from all over India and some from nepal are gathering in Goa, and the newspapers are full of reports of how the police are seizing the laptops, mobile phones
Usually 3-4 laptops and 15 mobile phones are confiscated in each raid.
The bookies are probably not aware that all the laptops in goa are hacked using hidden wifi networks, so it is very easy for the police to track their laptops and mobile phones
There is very less cash collected from the bookies, only the laptops, mobile phones which are confiscated are expensive costing Rs 4-5 lakhs

3 Hyderabad bookies held in IPL Betting racket in Morjim, Goa

According to media reports, 3 Hyderabad bookies held in IPL Betting racket in a raid on a hotel in Morjim, Goa
They were held under the Goa, daman and diu prevention of public gambling act
They were accepting bets from people all over india
The bookies start their business at the beginning of the IPL season, and settle the bets depend on the results of the cricket matches
One laptop,eight mobile phones, one LED screen, and cash of Rs 19200 were seized
This is one of the reasons why goa relaxed entry norms, people from all over india could freely enter and get caught for illegal activities.

42 tourists caught gambling in hotel at Calangute, Goa

While other states have imposed restrictions because of the covid-19 pandemic, goa has relaxed all rules for tourists visiting goa. There are no restrictions at all compared to the rest of india, other than wearing a face mask, no form filling or quarantine from September 1, 2020.
So tourists all over india are rushing to goa, for enjoying and parties are in full swing in goa according to media reports. Party places are fully packed.
The newspapers also reported that 42 tourists were caught matka gambling in a hotel in Calangute, Goa.
These tourists were mainly from Gujarat, Maharashtra and other states and included two advocates. Card swiping machines and a large amount of cash was also recovered.
Like mentioned earlier, goa has a large number of tourists from gujarat, In most states, the government is very strict to prevent covid-19 spread, so people are coming to goa to enjoy.

Though casinos are closed,matka gambling continues in panaji

Goa was attracting a large number of tourists from all over india for gambling at the casinos.
The casinos are closed because of the covid-19 pandemic, yet gambling in goa continues
Matka gambling is very popular in goa, and the gamblers can be found everyone, unlike some metro cities, where almost no one will be gambling in public.
It is very easy to notice the matka gamblers while outdoors in goa.